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Meghan Markle: Why Kate Middleton family given coat of arms but Meghan's family was not

MEGHAN MARKLE received a coat of arms earlier this week in honour of her marrying into the royal family, in an age old tradition. It differed from Kate Middleton’s coat of arms, which was granted to her father and created for her family. Meghan’s, however, was designed just for her and not given to her father.

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High blood pressure symptoms: Add this £1 vegetable to your diet to slash BP reading

HIGH blood pressure symptoms don’t always appear, meaning many people don’t get diagnosed until they go for a check-up with their GP. Treatment for the condition involves losing weight and a change in diet to lower blood pressure. You can eat this vegetable to help reduce your blood pressure.

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Diabetes type 2: You should try to eat this much fruit and veg every day

DIABETES type 2 is more likely to appear as we get older, while diabetes type 1 usually appears shortly after birth. Diabetes symptoms include frequently needing the loo, feeling more hungry and thirsty than usual and unexplained weight loss. If you suffer from the condition, you should eat this much fruit and veg a day in your diet to help …

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