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The White House reporters who made presidents fume long before Jim Acosta

“What have you done for women?” one persistent reporter pressed then-President John Kennedy. “Well, I’m sure we haven’t done enough,” Kennedy responded with a laugh to Gannett’s May Craig in November 1961. The exchange was much more friendly than the recent confrontation between President Donald Trump and CNN’s Jim Acosta that prompted the administration to ban the reporter from the …

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Democrat Bill Nelson concedes to Rick Scott in Florida race for Senate

Three-term Florida Sen. Bill Nelson, D, has conceded to Gov. Rick Scott, R, in a bitter and drawn-out race to retain his seat after a series of failed legal challenges and underwhelming preliminary results from a manual statewide recount left the incumbent with almost no path to victory. Nelson conceded in a phone call to Scott, according to a statement …

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A life of spying puts Iraqi double agent in a Canadian conundrum: his cloak-and-dagger means he can neither stay nor be deported

A man who led an eccentric life of spying and espionage, skulking in the shadows as an agent and then a double agent for both Saddam Hussein and Israel’s Mossad, has been given a new chance at remaining in Canada, where he is trying to avoid coming face-to-face with those he betrayed. Hussein Ali Sumaida, 53, has won yet another …

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